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Director’smessageFive years for Odyssey Dance Theatre has never been an easy journey. It is with great faith and spirit, that we are proud to share with you our 5 years of establishing an arts voice in Singapore, as well as in the international dance scene.Through these five years, ODT has been diligently fulfilling its primary role as a dance company, presenting and promoting distinctive and original Singaporean danceworks both locally and internationally. We have to date staged more than 20 local and international productions in our 19 Mainhouse seasons and in which two seasons are our major Xpositon “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta which involved international dance companies, organisations and artists.Besides this, we were consistently involved in Community Outreach and Voluntary Programmes, to inculcate greater public appreciation for contemporary dance. More importantly, we are very concerned about arts education for the young. Through our Arts4yoUths division, many constructive arts education programmes have been developed and introduced to provide a more holistic and comprehensive approach which has benefitted more than 4500 students to date.With only 5 years, we could have been ambitious to achieve a lot. As a full-time professional contemporary dance company in Singapore, we believe we can do and achieve more if timely financial support and patience are given.We would like to thank all government bodies and private enterprises for giving us the visionary financial support from Day 1. I want to specially thank all dancers who have contributed to the creation of our dance works. I thank our Patron Ms. Lee for lending us a great hand to mark our fifth anniversary. I wish to thank Prof. Susan Street and Mdm. Goh Lay Kuan for their mentorship and genuine advices. Many thanks to all whom have helped ODT in one way or another. Of course, my great thank you to Ann Tan, who have stood by me through these five years of ‘arts turbulence’.I hope through ODT, we have demonstated our passion for the arts, we have shown our seriousness and commitment to the contemporary dance development in Singapore and we have proven ourselves as a ‘all-rounded’ full-time professional contemporary dance company in Singapore.5

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