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Messages from distinguished ambassadorial guests & partners, ODT Chairman & Artistic Director

Ms Koh Sauk Keow

Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

6th DanzINC | SomeWhere.II & 8 Elements

ODT celebrates its 15th Anniversary!

The 6th edition of DanzINC International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival falls timely with Odyssey Dance Theatre’s anniversary celebration. Harnessing the success of the 2012 DanzINC, this new edition will once again uphold ODT’s belief to produce more quality and innovative works through its extensive partnerships and 6-month programmes including international tours, main stage performances, fringe performances, master classes and workshops, Meet-the-Practitioners Dialogues and exhibitions from May to November 2014.

The launch of 2014 DanzINC presents two double-bill productions – ‘SomeWhere. II’ and ‘8 Elements’, which also succinctly sum up ODT’s robust ties and vision with our South Korean counterparts underlined by the strong support from Dance Association of Korea, which ODT had inked up a 3-year MOU in May 2012.

We are pleased to have prominent South Korean choreographer and ODT Associate Artiste Park Na Hoon with his company to kick-start the energies of the festival launch, and continue sharing his expertise and insights with our local dancers. Taking the residency further, ODT will tour to South Korea with Park Na Hoon Co. to Seoul International Dance Festival and Gwangju Donggu Road Art Festival.

Over these 15 years, ODT is indeed blessed to be supported by various embassies, dance and arts companies, local and international government agencies, as well as the support from ODT’s other board members and advisory committees. They have allowed ODT to aspire to greater heights and achieve bigger dreams. Our sincere thanks to all of them!

Lastly, come join us and celebrate ODT’s 15th anniversary and DanzINC at ODT’s home in Aliwal Arts Centre.

6th DanzINC |Seasons

We are excited to share with you two of our highlights at 2014 DanzINC – Seasons and Forte In Resonance II.

For 15 years, ODT has dedicated its efforts to work conscientiously towards its mission. I am proud to share that Odyssey Dance Theatre has stood strong over time, and through our various talent development platforms, we have groomed and assembled a company of talented and accomplished Singaporean artists who possess diverse skills. One such platform is Seasons.

Seasons possesses exclusivity as it sees three generations of local choreographers working together to hone their creativity, with live music accompaniment by a string quartet. Seasons is poised to stand out with its distinctive Singaporean identity that pushes the boundaries of contemporary dance expression.

ODT is also very pleased to stage Forte In Resonance II, by having another wonderful collaboration between MOTUS and ODT. The fruitful 3 year MOU has been indeed rewarding and meaningful in engaging artists’ from Asia and Europe, presenting high quality works to audiences of diverse cultures and backgrounds. We are extremely delighted to continue to commit to the development of our industry by having Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Dance Department to perform its graduate – Wiing Liu’s work. This allows young local student dancers to dance along with celebrated artists from acclaimed companies, gaining new insights in terms of professionalism, work ethics and much emphasized values and passion. We hope this will be a valuable experience for them to grow further.

I thank the wonderful partners and supporters such as The Italian Embassy, Italian Cultural Institute and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts for breaking new grounds in term of international collaborations. I must congratulate all wonderful artists especially Simona Cieri (Artistic Director, MOTUS) and Lo Pui Sze (Associate Artistic Director, ODT) for sharing their passion and gifted art to inspire our local talents and audience. Please join in these two special highlights!

Mr Sam Tan

Minister of State,
Prime Minister’s Office &
Ministry of Culture,
Community and Youth

6th DanzINC | Moments

A home-grown dance company, Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT) has shown passion and determination in bringing dance to a wider audience. Over the years, the ODT has also nurtured Singaporean dance talents and expanded its horizons through its divisions: ODT International, Arts4youths and ODT Cares.

I am happy to learn that the ODT has been contributing to the cultural exchanges between Singapore and the Republic of Korea. DanzINC, an international dance festival pioneered by the ODT, is a testament to its efforts in this area. DanzINC has been growing from strength to strength, and this year’s finale is one of the highlights of Singapore’s Korea Festival 2014. ODT has also collaborated with Korean artistes to create works that were performed in Singapore, as well as in dance festivals overseas, such as the Seoul International Dance Festival and Gwangju Donggu Road Art Festival.

In 2015, we will celebrate our 40th anniversary of diplomatic and cultural ties with Korea. This event is an example of the excellent relationship that Korea and Singapore share. I commend the ODT’s conscientious efforts in building long-term ties with Korean artistes and companies, and look forward to more artistic collaborations in the years to come. I would also like to extend my heartiest congratulations to Dr Danny Tan, founder and Artistic Director of ODT, on its 15th anniversary!

H.E. Paolo Crudele

Ambassador of Italy to Singapore

6th DanzINC |Forte In Resonance II

My congratulations to two celebrated companies – Odyssey Dance Theatre (Singapore) and MOTUS (Italy) for completing their first 3 year partnership, showcasing their virtuosic arts in enriching the souls of the audiences in Singapore and Italy for 3 years consecutively. This extraordinary partnership has set a new precedent in creating multiple meaningful and fulfilling dialogues, opening new creative space for both artists and companies that many artists and companies from Asia-Europe would have otherwise been dreaming of.

The Italian Embassy and the Italian Cultural Institute in Singapore are proud to be part of their enriching journey, witnessing their strong bond and commitment for a 3-year Memorandum of Understanding which started in May 2012. In 2012, MOTUS, as one of leading dance companies in Italy, received great commendation for its exquisite brand of dance with theatrical effects for the presentation of “Hope” in Singapore. In 2013, MOTUS’s six technically abled dancers impressed the Singapore audience with their strong identity of technical brilliance. This year, MOTUS’s Artistic Director Simona Cieri will present her latest creation - “Who are we”. Motus and ODT will perform in “Forte In Resonance II”, an International Collaboration Platform under ODT’s 6th DanzINC – International Dancers and Choreographers’ Festival, marking the conclusion of their 3 year journey.

I applaud Italian Choreographer Simona and Director Rosanna Cieri and well-celebrated Artistic Director Dr. Danny Tan, for fulfilling this wonderful testimony of artistic collaboration and international relations, and organizing excellent programmes that bridge Asia and Europe much closer through their original and authentic dances.

MOTUS and ODT have laid an impressive milestone for both companies and serve as exemplary models for artists and companies in both regions. This is certainly not a small feat in bridging differences in culture, language and nationalities that have transmitted values, emotions, ideas and beauty, and moving the hearts of thousands of audiences in both countries between 2012 – 2014.

Well done MOTUS and Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd!

H.E. Mr. Suh Chung Ha

Ambassador of
the Republic of Korea to Singapore

6th DanzINC |Somewhere.II

My heartiest congratulations to Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT) for presenting one of Singapore’s top contemporary dance festival - 6th DanzINC – International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency festival.

2014 marks the final year of ODT’s three-year Memorandum of Understanding with the Dance Association of Korea. This significant partnership has paved a further development in cultural ties between Singapore and Korea with many exemplary dance exchanges - assembling 5 companies and 37 artists for 15 productions at prominent events and festivals in Singapore and Korea.

The Embassy of the Republic of Korea sincerely commends Dance Association of Korea and ODT for having the foresight in making the first of such collaborative efforts in benefitting many dance companies and artists from Singapore and Korea. We also wish to commend all Singapore and South Korea’s government agencies, organisations, dance companies and artists, who have supported the exchange between the two countries initiated by ODT since 2000. It is with the long term support and belief from so many stakeholders that meaningful and constructive projects with high artistic merits could then be fulfilled. This has aided to strengthen the cultural ties between Singapore and Korea. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea will continue to support ODT’s international relations with Korean dance community.

Lastly, I wish ODT and Park Na Hoon Dance Company a successful premiere of ‘8 Elements’ in DanzINC International Dancers and Choreographers’ Residency Festival, as well as 2014 Seoul International Dance Festival and 2014 Gwangju Donggu Road Art Festival.

Best wishes!

6th DanzINC |Moments

I would like to congratulate Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT) on its hosting of the 6th biennial DanzINC – International Dancers and Choreographers Residency Festival. I will like to join other dance lovers in Singapore in welcoming ODT’s festival finale which is also a highlight of the 2014 Korea Festival in Singapore.

This year’s DanzINC will see Dr Danny Tan’s new full-length work “Moments” that assembles an international ensemble from Korea, Japan and Singapore. I look forward to enjoying Dr Tan’s choreography and the visual eloquence of form, vitality and movement in this new creation. The Embassy of the Republic of Korea is deeply impressed by Dr Tan’s passion and efforts to collaborate with the Korean dance community for more than 13 years. He has promoted numerous exchanges between Korea and Singapore through dance since 2001. Recently, ODT has presented its acclaimed works at the Seoul International Dance Festival 2014 and Gwangju Dong Gu Art Road Festival. The Embassy will continue to support the development in cultural ties between Singapore and Korea through dance exchanges.

Lastly, my congratulations to ODT for their 15 years of dance excellence in Singapore and around the world.

Mr Chia Mia Chiang

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

6th DanzINC |Forte In Resonance II

The Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) is pleased to be featured in the 6th DanzINC International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival through the festival highlight Forte in Resonance II: International Collaboration Platform. Organised by Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT), this performance marks the company’s third instalment of DanzINC that aims to develop Asia-Europe exchange and partnership.

I congratulate our young Diploma in Dance alumna Wiing Liu who has been invited to present her contemporary dance work in this prestigious international event. Her choreography, “Flight of the Kaleidoscopic Mind”, is performed by six of our dance students together with an exchange student from our partner university the Purchase Conservatory of Dance. This experience will no doubt enrich the students’ learning as they will get to interact with the professionals during the festival.

Part of NAFA’s success lies in its efforts to connect our artistic community to the world. We have had numerous collaborative opportunities with ODT, including participation in Forte In Resonance: International Collaboration Platform held in 2012. Our alumna Elizabeth Sarah Lee Huxing, Best Dance Graduate 2012, presented her choreography “Running Bamboo” which was performed by her classmates. Showcasing the contemporary Asian direction of the department, the dance performance was well-received.

Aside from our Department of Dance, ODT has also actively engaged NAFA lecturers, students and alumni from the Departments of Music, Fine Art and Design & Media as guest artists and associate artists in 2014. NAFA believes in the value of interdisciplinary exchange and we are deeply appreciative of our synergistic partnership with ODT.

We at NAFA applaud ODT’s efforts in developing young creative talents, and we look forward to working closely with ODT to contribute towards a vibrant arts scene in Singapore.

Professor Kim Bock Hee

Chief Director
Korea Dance Association

6th DanzINC |SomeWhere.II & 8 Elements

I would like to congratulate Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd (ODT) on their 15th Anniversary celebrations, as well as sustaining itself towards the 6th edition of the DanzINC International Dancers & Choreographers’ Residency Festival in 2014. Such achievements not only testify the strong foundation which ODT has built up over the years, but also the resilience and tenancy of Dr Danny Tan and his company in the arts scene.

ODT, a notable dance company, is now a familiar and prominent name among the dance community in South Korea, with ODT’s exemplary works being invited and showcased in many dance festivals at various cities since 2004. I am very pleased to witness ODT’s growth and works in South Korea and Singapore over the years. I am more convinced of ODT’s vision and achievements after my performance in Xposition ‘O’ Contemporary Dance Fiesta 2011 at the University Cultural Centre Hall.

I am very delighted that Dance Association of Korea and ODT’s 3-year MOU has resulted in more than 10 projects and collaborations between Singapore and South Korean counterparts, layering further foundation and trust over time.

For 2014, I am pleased that Park Na Hoon Dance Company and ODT will be collaborating to produce new works for the launch of DanzINC Festival 2014. I congratulate them for expanding their synergy at the Seoul International Dance Festival and Gwangju Donggu Road Art Festival. I look forward to more partnerships and collaborations between ODT and Korean companies and artists.

Dance Association of Korea will continue to support ODT in its endeavor to connect with Korean artistes and companies, and reaching out to more global audiences. We wish ODT a wonderful 15th anniversary and a successful 6th DanzINC!

6th DanzINC |Muses

Following the successful completion of 2014 DanzINC Festival Launch in end May, featuring SomeWhere.II & 8 Elements - two major productions that marked the wonderful collaboration between notable Odyssey Dance Theatre and South Korea’s Park Na Hoon Dance Co, I am very pleased that ODT continues its remarkable efforts by producing Muses – Xtraordinary Solos, in support of award-winning young artists from Japan, Korea and Singapore.

I am very happy that the 3-year MOU signed between Dance Association of Korea and ODT has witnessed many fruitful outcomes, providing many opportunities for the younger generation of Korean and Singaporean artistes in their pursuit towards their artistic endeavours. This MOU has indeed been beneficial for the international dance scene on a holistic level as we reach out to more global audiences, with more young Asian dance professionals coming on board.

As Chairwoman of Korea International Modern Dance Competition (KIMDC), I am glad that KIMDC has demonstrated its potential for talent search, extending its avenue for young artists to shine and grow in more international platforms such as Muses, under ODT’s 6th DanzINC Festival. This is a clear indication that the mission of KIMDC in allowing interaction between Korea and world’s modern dance has been rewarding.

I would like to thank ODT for their generosity and partnership in extending a choreographic platform for budding artists like Calvin Goh, Kimiko Komata, Wonmin Shin, Farliana Bte M. Ghani and Jaehyuk Choi to learn, exchange and grow further. I look forward to more exciting collaboration between Korea Dance Association and ODT.

I wish Muses – Xtraordinary Solos a resounding success.

Dr Danny Tan

Founder & Artistic Director
Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd

6th DanzINC |Artistes’ Manifesto

I am pleased to invite you to experience an ‘inter-disciplinary’ dance presentation under Singapore Choreographers’ Platform, spearheaded by Odyssey Dance Theatre (ODT)’s home grown artist - Linnea Ong.

Singapore Choreographers’ Platform under 6th DanzINC Festival allows artistes like Linnea to present her authentic Singaporean voice through dance. Linnea’s Artistes’ Manifesto assembles creative artists of diverse backgrounds to question the effect of environment on artists.

Since 2011, ODT has supported Linnea’s ‘inter-disciplinary’ exploration in ‘The Veil’ (2011), 'Of Lanes & Memories’ (2012) and finally ‘Artistes’ Manifesto’ (2014). We hope she has asserted her artistic voice more clearly through these constructive platforms which have equipped her the required skills in orchestrating ‘inter-disciplinary’ works.

Please enjoy Linnea’s Artistes’ Manifesto, presenting a personal and intimate journey of her dance voice.