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Odyssey Dance Theatre is made up of highly skilled home-grown Singaporean dance artistes. The professionalism and proficiency of these dance artistes have elicited international acclaims from ministries and ambassadorial guests through mainhouse seasons, local & global invitations, international touring and cultural exchanges. The versatility and matured artistry of ODT artistes have seen them translated performing works to excellent creative output, coupled with strong artistic direction from Singapore and invited eminent choreographers.

Odyssey Dance Theatre regularly receives commissions from Singapore ministries and government agencies, corporations, as well as local and international festivals, whilst serving as Singaporean cultural ambassador on various established international platforms in Asia Pacific, Europe and USA.


“I congratulate Danny for his vision in creating this evening’s presentation: Wow! Merlion to celebrate our nation’s 50th birthday. After today’s presentation, ODT will tour this work to wow the international audiences!”
Ms Koh Sauk Keow
Odyssey Dance Theatre Ltd


“… this was a company that had indeed danced during the evening with strong discipline and techinical conviction, staying wisely within its current technical boundaries while at the same time dancing with the fullest fervour of which it was capable.” [The Origins, 2003]
The Straits Times


“... one could not help but notice the discipline of the dancers (ODT Main Company) – which showed through in their performances and impressive technique.”
The Arts Magazine