Wow! Merlion – Synopsis

WOW! Merlion questions the sensitivity and sensibility of a Singaporean, finding one’s own voice within the perplexities, anxieties, hopes, and dreams of our land. WOW! Merlion paints the abstract, and sometimes absurd narrative in relation to the surrounding culture and lifestyle of Singaporeans through a harmonious integration of dance, art, and music.

In conjunction with SG50, WOW! Merlion showcases a series of Asian icons & nuances through the eyes of ODT’s Artistic Director Dr Danny Tan, and performed by ODT Main Company and ODT Music Ensemble. This full- length work underlines a unique collaboration with veteran Singaporean visual artist Mr Chieu Shuey Fook.


PERFORMANCE • EXHIBITION • TALK is Odyssey Dance Theatre’s new initiative to showcase a series of eminent events, bringing prominent artists in dance, visual and music to collaborate, bond and share. Through harnessing the multi-sensory approach towards performing arts and visual art, artists are encouraged to present their art through a more complex and comprehensive manner. The artists will present their own individual presentation without losing their original voice. At the same time, these artists would collaborate accross various disciplines to present a collective interpretation in the theatre. The audience will be stimulated and engaged through performance, exhibition, and a talk gaining new insight and knowledge into the artists’ world.