Red Tears – Synopsis

‘Red Tears’ brings us to a space that captures the beauty and essence of human spirit that will touch our lives through the passage of time. It portrays an interesting interplay of cultural collision in terms of values, beliefs, and contemporary practice and shows how these conflicting ideas and forms can be interweaved and co-exist in our present society.

Artistic Director - Dr Danny Tan’s new full-length work was inspired by his personal encounters as a growing child, when he was witnessing the Chinese ritualistic ceremonies for the dead. Singing the virtues for the dead women has created so great an impact on him that he has chosen to present a work that shows the importance of traditional values that are embodied in this dying art-form. Danny hopes this traditional art form can be revitalized to signify its great significance and relevance to our present time and society.

Through the encapsulating of text and plot from Chinese ritualistic and Teochew opera, the audience will be treated to an enriching and complex dance plot from a women’s perspective, and into her world of affection and human connection. It is an opportunity for the audience to trace and reflect on their own moral values and cultural sensibilities in relation to the dance plot that draws them closer to the human nature.

The ceremonial process in Chinese rituals depicts the dichotomous relations between the dead and the living, the traditions and the contemporary way of belief and behaviour, and questions our interpretation of life through a rich montage of human relations within an inter-cultural contemporary dance theatre.

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